Elijah stands from atop the church fence to view the surrounding area, there is a visible worry on his face, same with his companions 

HAROLD : This might not be as easy as we thought it would be 

CELIA : Tell me about it… this is by far the largest company of warrior demons we’ve seen thus far, I wonder who’s leading them 

ELIJAH : That’s exactly what I’m worried about, which demon is so powerful as to be leading so many legions at once 

LINCOLN : We should be wary, let’s take care of this quickly 

KANE : Hey what are you guys waiting for?? …… get down here so we can end these bastards already 

ELIJAH ( LOOKING ROUND)  : Fall out!! 

Elijah and his companions engage in battle and immediately the tide of the battle changes with the demons starting to lose the upper hand; Elijah drops down and is immediately surrounded by several demons on all sides 

ELIJAH : I need to finish up here quickly so I can be able to see my son as he is being brought into this world, please be safe Martha ( muttering to himself)..... Heavenly art – flashing lights 

The demons surrounding Elijah are immediately blinded by a bright light emanating from his being, Elijah takes advantage of this handicap and immediately attacks the dastardly creatures with a light blade construct

ELIJAH : Heavenly art : Blade of light 

He cuts through them swiftly in one omnidirectional swipe of his blade, several shrieks emanate from the demons as they are cut down, blood spluttering all around, more demons attack him and he is forced into serious combat, he cuts through a fireball the shape of a boulder and blocks the weapon of a demon before him, he engages the demon for a while blocking it’s strikes before finally disarming it and cutting it through its stomach into two clean halves.

Harold streaks past Elijah with lightening emanating from his body, he puts his hands up with two fingers facing a large group of demons heading towards him

HAROLD : Heavenly art – Raging lightening storm 

A massive amount of lightening bolts fire out of his raised fingers and destroy the group of demons before him, causing a massive explosion and leaving a massive trail of blood while also destroying the earth as well, more demons come hovering around him prompting Harold to form a sword of pure lightening 

HAROLD : Who’s first?? 

Celia creates several earthen projectiles from atop the church’s fence and begins to hurl them into the battlefield, crushing several demons in the process, 52 demons taking notice of her attacks come rushing at her but are stopped by Lincoln, who envelopes his body in a dark flame like substance 

LINCOLN : Heavenly art : devouring flame 

The dark flame comes out of his being and attacks all fifty two demons that had come at Celia consuming them in the process, Celia looks down at Lincoln with an upraised eyebrow with Lincoln responding with a smirk 

CELIA : You know I could have taken them on myself, you didn’t need to do that 

LINCOLN : Oh c’mon, not even a thank you…. That’s not very polite ( still with a smirk) 

CELIA : Mtch...

Celia turns away from Lincoln and puts her attention back onto the battlefield, creating more boulders and letting them fly with relative ease. Some of the demon generals stood from a distance watching the encounter with disgust 

DEMON GENERAL #1 : Disgusting, how could these insects carry such divine power, it makes me sick 

DEMON GENERAL #2 : The Father has always shown favoritism to these low life’s ,I’m not surprised even now he has given them such awesome power 

DEMON GENERAL #3 : Do not falter you two, they may have such great power but just like children, it’s all just play to them… we should summon the earl, he would know what to do with them 

DEMON GENERAL #1: of course….

Kane runs riot on the battlefield, bulldozing through the demons ranks with extreme force and aggression 

KANE : Die you hellish vermin!!!!!.... Heavenly art : thunderclap 

Kane slams his hands together and creates a powerful shock wave that deafens demons far from him and killed those close to him. The Holy knights seeing they were coming in the way of the chosen battle began to fall back to allow them continue the battle while they helped with the evacuation and guarding the gates and walls. 

DEMON GENERAL #2 : my lord, the vermin channeling divine power have arrived on the battlefield, we await your orders………. ( a mysterious dark mirror floating in mid air with smoke emitting from its sides, a dark figure with only red menacing eyes visible sits on a throne with skulls and bones is seen on the other side of the mirror) 

THE DARK FIGURE : Hmm, it would seem the plan is coming together nicely, alright then I’ll be with you shortly ( with a menacing voice) 

THE DEMON GENERAL #2 : We shall await your arrival, my lord… ( the dark mirror disperses). 

Diane is seen cutting down a demon with a blade made of ice, she cuts through a fireball launched at her and rushes towards her assailant, more demons come in before her to block her path but she is relentless She blocks a scythe from one of them and kicks away another, she then disarms the first one and cuts through its neck, looking around she sees she is getting surrounded 

DIANE : Damn it, these guys are trying to attack from all sides( she mutters under her breath)…. Heavenly art : icicle storm 

Several icicles begin to form around her with the weather changing drastically, demons attempt to attack her but are soon stopped by the launching of the icicles surrounding Diane, the icicles move at supersonic speed and cut down several of the demons surrounding her with ease, more demons seeing this attempt to burn her alive, creating a huge inferno to surround her 

DEMON WARRIOR #1 : Burn you human scum, burn!!!!! 

DEMON WARRIOR #2 : Ha-ha ( with a sick laugh) 

Diane is not happy with the turn of events and is worried with the intensity and movement of the flames, she looks around and sees no way of escape from her current predicament 

DIANE : I am not happy!!!! ( in an annoyed tone)…. I have to do something before this fire gets out of hand and ends up destroying much more than what these bastards intend…

She closes her eyes for a few seconds has the fire begins to inch closer towards her, when she opens her eyes the earth beneath her seems to freeze over, she looks up and her countenance has changed with her irises warped from black to white 

DIANE : Heavenly art : eternal frost 

A huge gust of cold wind immediately blow over, freezing everything around her including the inferno, the demons are struck in awe by what they had just seen with their eyes, demons around her begin to freeze over quickly 

DEMON WARRIOR #3 : What madness is this??.... How is this even possible….( he is getting frozen and immediately becomes an ice statue) 

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