"And what exactly are your opinions??” Belphegor asks gruffly, “You lot have been underestimating the human race since time immemorial and every time they end up proving you wrong, I think it’s time you take this seriously, cease the attack on heaven and concentrate your forces on destroying humanity completely else they be your downfall” Six replied calmly.

“Pfft you give the humans too much credit, do not belittle us by making us carry out conquests on those humans” Mammon remarks proudly, “There is a reason why you are the weakest of the six, you don’t think things through and you think you are worth something just because you are a member of the princes” Six says in a condescending manner, “What did you say??... How dare you speak to me like that??” Mammon asked flaring up at what Six had said.

“Unfortunately that is the truth, whore” Six replied which causes Mammon to lose it and move swiftly towards him and grabs him by the neck, “I’ll kill you!!!” Mammon yells and

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