CHAPTER 13 ( VOL. 2 )

ALEXANDER : A human drawing powers from hell who calls himself the Shadow King 

ALL OF HAVEN’S REPRESENTATIVES : The shadow king?? ( Speaking out in unison )

ALEXANDER : Yes. We came to this realization after we had defeated the undead army. We were triumphant in the first battle but then he introduced himself via a cluster of dark clouds which helped to show that he has mastered the dark powers quite well. After an exchange of words, he summoned an army of shadows to test our mettle in battle. It took me a while to realize it but our opponent is quite the strategic kind. No matter whom the opponent is, he would rather try to gauge his opponent first before he does anything else. A tactic which he has already employed twice.

COMMANDER KELLER : This might prove to be quite troublesome if you are right and we truly are up against a strategic mind. ( She remarks with a worried look on her face) 

SAMSON : Truth be told, we had no idea that was what he w

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