I turn and see Desmond standing beside me.

"What's wrong? " he questions.

"N. Nothing. " I reply.

"Why did you ask? " I question.

"Deborah there are tears in your eyes," he notes and I quickly wipe them off.

"O.. Oh... It. Its nothing. Something got in my eye. " I lie. ~don't blame me. I can't involve Desmond In this. It involves Gabby and I don't think she'd like me dragging Desmond into it.

I look up at him and find him staring at me. I look away but I can still strongly feel his gaze on me.

"Come," he says as he takes hold of my wrist.

"Where to? " I question.

"You'll see," he says and I begin to feel uncomfortable. I don't like being left in the dark. Literally or metaphorically.

I keep walking behind him. My wrist wrapped in his warm fist.

"Did the leaves work? " he suddenly asks as we descend a fleet of stairs.

~Now that I think of it, they did work!.

"Y. Yes... They. They did. " I r

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