Sing Me A Song

I smile at his words as I feel my cheeks burn. I look into his eyes and I see the moon in them. His perfect orbs acting as a perfect mirror for the moon. His eyes give the moon more beauty. I am still lost in his gaze when I feel his thumb run over my lower lip.

I exhale and my lips part as I take in the feel of his thumb on my lip. He smiles at me and pulls me into a hug.

"You're not alone Deborah. We're in this together," he says to me and I wrap my arms around him.

Here I am snuggling with a boy who somehow has managed to make himself an important part of my life in just months, under the beautiful full moon.

"It seems we are both broken souls. " I say. My words muffled by his jacket on which my lips lay.

"Broken souls that find solace in each other," he says and my heart skips a beat. I smile as I wrap my hands tighter around him and his embrace tightens a bit too.

The night slowly passes with Desmond and I talking, teasing each other ~we

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