Yes I Do!!

"How dare you!?" she screams at me as soon I am before her and with that question comes a slap to my face. 

"Who amongst you killed a Fratello!? " she screams and all four of us fall silent. 

"So you were there and couldn't stop it from happening!? " she screams again throwing another slap at me. 

"Tell me who did it! " she screams grabbing my throat. 

"I did! " I hear Deborah's voice break the silence and a few gasps and murmurs are heard from the crowd. 

Madre turns to the crowd in anger and everyone falls silent. 

"You did. "Madre says turning her attention to Deborah. 

"Why? " she questions coldly as she stands before Deborah and Deborah falls silent. 

"I said why!? "Madres screams as she plants her talon nails on Deborah's throat. 

Aider Kwin

©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®© WAOW!! Someone pls pinch me, did Sonia just admit she loves Desmond!? 😱 *screams in excitement* Happy dance 💃 💃 💃 💃 So what's your take on this chapter?? I personally love it. I love you Aider!!! ❤ I know I love me too😩😂😂 See you at the next chapter 😘

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