Tell Him

I take a walk in the isolated passageway with my hands in my trouser pockets and still in Desmond's shirt. I stop at a window and stare at the moon. I recall when Jason made me believe my name was carved on the moon while I was younger. 

He said the moon was our little communication portal and no matter where I was if I stared at the moon and Remember him, then it means he's doing the same. So if I ever got lost, I should look up at the moon and know we'd always find our way back to each other. 

A bitter chuckle escapes my lips as I recall my sweet home. I bite my upper lip as I ponder on what my life has slowly played into. Desmond invades my thoughts and my sadness heightens. 

After what Harry did to me, how on earth could I afford to fall for someone else!? Desmond is too calm, observant, wonderful, and just too perfect to fall for someone like me. 

How on earth c

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