Now Or Never

It's been a year since Desmond left. I'm staring out the plane's window listening to Trust In You by Lauren Daigle. After all, life has put me through, what else can I do than trust in God. 

It's been a year but my heart has never grown to love Desmond less. In fact, his departure had only made me realize how less meaning my life has without him. 

I'm on my way to London. I finally got admission into Imperial College. I wanted to attend a small school back home but trust my father to want big. 

I don't think staying around more English people would do me good as each one would remind me of how my Desmond is the very best. 

My dad just had to go choose the 5th best university in the United Kingdoms. He says he wants me out of Canada to help me forget the mansion but that place has been sculpted so deeply into me that not even a memory loss would wipe it off.  


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annalisa mahadeo
Hi I really enjoyed this book I cried and laughed cant wait for the sequel

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