"W.. What? " she questions in a Surprisingly low voice. 

"You were suffering from sever ulcer and leukemia. She took away the leukemia but only reduced the intensity of your ulcer. " I reply. 

"W.. What!? . Since when did.. I.. What? " she begins to stutter. Her thoughts definately lost in her memories. Possible trying to place a finger on when it began to grow in her or something. 

It beats me she never knew she was suffering from a terminal disease. 

Sonia's POV;

I just woke up in a really big room and that too in a king sized bed. I find gaze boy (Desmond) beside the bed and I grunt in pain as I sit up. 

I ask him where I am and he tells me i'm in Madres room. I begin to yell at him for bringing me here after I clearly told him I don't need that witches help. But what stuns me is when he informs me that I have just been cured of le

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