Chapter 24 ~Bad with words~

Echo’s POV:

I saw the huge drops of tears descending on the bed sheet as they intensified on reaching them.

So, this was it!

I was on the same bed with him last night but what I had felt for him last night was thoroughly different from now.

I was feeling the excitement, warmth, enthusiasm and the chills yesterday but right now hatred was the sole word which could interpret the situation right now.

I could feel his fingers running on my waist. Though I hated the circumstance his fingers were doing magic to my skin. It was soothing and calming the burns that my skins were sensing.

After some seconds my tee was pulled down and he turned me towards him. I could face his whole physique in front of me. So, that was it?

I kept on looking down to the bed instead of him. My eyes darted towards his hands which had the ointment with him.

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Rachida Mohamed
this chapter❤and others❤
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Rachida Mohamed
I enjoy reading ❤❤
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evelyn N
wooow i wish she could accept demonte

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