Chapter 26~ You're gonna regret this~

Demonte’s POV:

I am bad in apologizing to people. I have never done it before. Apologizing to someone always referred as I was being belittled by everyone to me.

But when I had treated her badly the way she wasn’t supposed to be, I thought there was the necessity of apology from my side.

I didn’t know but I felt there should be. But however hard I tried to apologize I couldn’t. Gabriella had once told me that shopping makes the woman happiest of all. That is why I decided to take her shopping so that I would seem to be responsible of my action.

I had never applied this much effort to express to someone. I mean not even to Gabriella. She was an easy going person but this girl was making me do the things that I hadn’t done before.

I was waiting for her in the lobby when I got a call from one of the sales girl informing that she was just c

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Olayemi Ariwoola Oyelude
what happened to her
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what did he do to her?? You messed with the wrong guy😡
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Rachida Mohamed
Mr Rosso😈😈😈😈

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