Chapter 75~Demonte...Is that you?~

Echo’s POV:


His phone rang. He didn't care about the phone call at first  and held my ring finger with one of his hands and the pliers in the other.  He wasn’t even bothered with the constant phone ring.

What kind of bullshit was he?

“Stop Jeremy! What the hell do you think you are doing?” I shouted at him with tears rolling down my eyes already and my heart thumping loud with fear. I have never seen such an obsessed man in my whole life. This man was negatively obsessed with me and since when I don’t know.

He placed the plier on my finger while holding my fingers forcibly and started to  stress on the handle of the pliers subjecting its head part on the ring with immense madness and power. 

“Ahhh…,” I shouted with the heavy pain. That pliers wasn’t only dipped on the ring but it was also dipped in my finger and r
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Olayemi Ariwoola Oyelude
hope he's back to take her away from that Jeremy

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