Chapter 98~Take me faraway~

Demonte’s POV:

“Fucking Peter!” I yelled with utmost outrage and agitation as I walked back to the wall and punched it really hard. My eyes were blinded with enormous turmoil that I wasn’t able to see that I was bleeding through my knuckles.

“Mr. Damelo ! Why the hell are you acting violently in my office?” Mr. Richards shouted at me  and called the nurse in the office.

A nurse quickly rushed in the office and treated my hands.

“What made you so angry? The reason that she tried to kill her child along with her?” he asked me.

His questions made me even more mad. I don’t know if she even know that she is pregnant?

“She would never do that,” I answered without even looking at his eyes.

“Mr. Damelo! She fled away from her wedding. That means her character…,” he said but before he could answer any of the nonsense in front of me, I grabbed his collar.

“She doesn’t have any character that she deserved to b
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