Chapter 139 ~ Was she having an affair~

Echo's POV: 

Augustus Rivera!

My eyes widened as I scrutinize the name on the ticket. How the hell do I have the ticket if someone else in my hand?

Wasn't that supposed to be on my name?

I stood up from the bed to throw the paper on the dustbin but then my feet halted on the same spot.

I felt as if I was enlightened, like I was given a some rays of sunlight t the dark mysteries that was revolving around me.

This name was quite familiar to me. And I knew where had I seen this name?

I quickly grabbed the piece of paper that I had hid after getting back from Gabriella's house.

I quickly read the paper. 

The name was same. Only the difference was there wasn't any status mentioned in the ticket and I think no one does that. No one mentions their positions in some theatre ticket.

The Augustus Rivera in the ticket couldn't be the same Dr. Augustus Rivera, right?

I quickly picked up my phone and googled t

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