Chapter 153 ~ Shocks greater than anything ~

Demonte's POV:

I got completely shocked when I heard my name from him.

How did he even know me? 

"How do you know me?" I asked.

"Isn't it obvious to know about you when my best friend is Gabriella?" he said.

"What? Gabriella is your what?" 

"She is my best friend and she used to talk a lot about you," he said and my eyes widened in shock.

"Why would she talk about me? She hated me and betrayed me with another guy. She never cared about me," I said with a timid voice because that was what she did to me even after I loved her so much.

He laughed hearing me.

"What is so funny in there? " I asked with my voice more firm.

"Nothing is funny in there but everything you know about her is misunderstanding. Nothing about her is correct. I suppose you never tried to get inside her heart," he said and I was speechless.

Cause even I knew that somewhere I had been neglecting her caring all about my m

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