Chapter 155 ~Get away from me~

Demonte's POV: 

I have been failure from every angle of life. I couldn't become good husband. I couldn't take care of my own wife while she was with me. I couldn't take care of my girlfriend who was going to be mother of my child.

Damn it! Demonte!!

You are a failured person and was always. How can I let the person closest to me get so much hurt like this? 

How can I let him do that to people I loved? 

I was blinded. Blinded by that fucking man's fake care and adoption but he was a snake, a Python. A cobra who was hissing behind me all my life and biting and taking away all of my people away from me one by one. 

He was someone called a satan disguised as a human. The more I get to know about him, the more I feel so much pathetic to myself.

Yes! I am pathetic. There is no any fool, stubborn person like me in this whole world. I had been blindly dancing on each and every motions of him without even realising that he

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