Ella heart skipped, she wanted to cry. She felt like fate had curses her so that she gets into one issue or another with the Death lord.

"Were you paid to go around seducing men?" He accused Ella with a very deep voice which made Ella tremble.

Ella eyes widened when she heard the Death lords statement. Her shoulder sagged and her heart sank.

She wondered why he accused her of such when she hasn't gone around seducing any man before.

She wanted to ask him questions, she wanted to ask him why he made such accusations against her but she knew that would only be putting herself in a more difficult situation.

She felt cheated as she couldn't defend herself, here in Narlands, it was as if everyone tongue was sealed when speaking to the Death lord. Not being able to defend herself, she wept instead.

"You can't speak?" He asked. Just when he was about to speak again, he noticed th

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