Just as Diana was about to walk away leaving the Governor to die, he grabbed her legs with his hands, refusing to let her go.

"You sneaky little bastard! I am not going to let you go." He spat out.

"I won't..." He choked.

"Still as persistent and stupid as always, aren't we?" She scoffed. She pulled her legs off his hold and kicked him one more time. "Bastard!"

"I won't let you die slowly, I will let you die once and for all." She said. She used her legs and kicked him so hard.

She shot him him constantly until she saw he wasn't moving no more.

"Bastard!" She spat out. She spat on him before kicking him again. She left his room to go fulfil her other duties.

The death Lord had already assembled his men. While some went to Raffan to attack, the others stayed behind to fight the armies of Raffan and Levine. The Death Lord had confident in Diana and Dennis to kill the people of Levine. He was going to let the king of Levine and th

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Linda Jay
why the story have to end here,it have to be book 2 please
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