“You know that is how mind control works?” Mitsuhide said softly. He was watching the young woman in front of him. Though she was the youngest of the group by a few years she had an aura about her that matched his wife’s in making her seem much older than she really was. He smiled at the thought that he could only deal with one woman like his wife but this other one wasn’t all that bad to add to the mix. Mitsuhide thought Max had lucked out the same way he did.

“What is?” Deanna asked as Max rubbed her shoulders softly.

“To implant a simple idea and let it take root.” Mitsuhide said. “The more people you have around that believe the idea or help the idea the more it takes root. It makes it almost impossible for the person to believe that it was there in the first place.”

“So what your saying is

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