Chapter Thirty-Two

Daphne’s Point of View

Waking up the next morning I find myself tangled in Caleb’s arms. The feeling is nice, but I have started to put up a wall between us. My emotions are a mess. After last night I just need some space. I ease out of Caleb’s hold and edge myself off the bed. I do not want to wake Caleb; I need to get out and run. I need to clear my head. No lessons, no training, no mate business just me, my wolf, and the woods. Successfully making it off the bed, I hurry to the closet and find my old sweats and tee shirt. I throw them on and grab my tennis shoes and head to the door. I ease it open and look back at Caleb pleased that I am making it out without waking him up.

I head out the front door and sit on the steps to put my shoes on. It is early in the morning and the sun has not begun to rise yet, but the sky is lightening up in color making everything visible. There is a crisp feeling t

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They definitely need to spend more time with each other to feel more secure about their relationship.
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Bella Jersey
They really need this

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