Chapter Forty-One

Daphne’s Point of View

I cannot believe that my sister is coming here today. I am excited, nervous, and truthfully a little scared. I have not seen Scarlet in so long. I wonder how much she has changed. Scarlet is almost thirty years old; does she have kids?

The thought of kids stops me dead in my tracks. Crap me and Caleb have not been using any protection. My hand floats down to my stomach, what if I get pregnant? Would Caleb be happy or upset? I look over at Caleb as he is putting on his shirt.

“Caleb, we have not been using protection.” I feel dumb even uttering those words.

“Yeah, so?” Caleb just shrugs at my statement as he sits down to put on his socks, and shoes. How can he be so casual about this?

“Ok, um what if I get pregnant?” I can not believe that he is continuing to get dressed. Having

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Comments (3)
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Love these characters
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Sheenz O
I think Caleb is really sweet and Daphne is amazing. Scarlet is used to making excuses for her abusive mate, I hope someone will sort him out.
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Most beautiful emerald eyes

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