Chapter Forty-Three

Daphne’s Point of View

I am so excited; I get to spend today with my sister. I know that we had a little of a rocky start yesterday, but I attribute some of that to the fact that she was traveling all day. Caleb spoke with me this morning and he is going to have a guy’s day with Dorian, and Theo. This gives Scarlet and I time to go shopping, and Caleb even suggested taking her out for lunch. He is having one of his warriors drive us since I still have not learned to drive. I called Hannah and invited her to come with us, but she said that she had other plans for today.

I throw on some black jeans, with a light blue tank top. I finish off my look with a black and white checkered long sleeve overshirt. I like the contrast of the flowy material and the tight jeans. I finish it all off with a cute pair of Vans that Hannah insisted that I buy. I throw on a little mascara and deem that I am ready to go. I boun

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Comments (8)
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Michelle Whitaker
so frustrating especially when you would think to have some common sense
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Michelle Whitaker
I liked how Theo and Caleb were about to brawl with Dorian over Hannah, BUT I DID NOT LIKE HOW DAPHNE TOTALLY JUST UP AND FORGOT ABOUT POOR HANNAH,AND I GET THAT UR WORRIED ABOUT YOUR SISTER BUT DAMN GIRL AT LEAST CHECK IN ON YOUR ONLY FRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.sorry for yelling. but damn this book is s
goodnovel comment avatar
Sheenz O
Nice work Theo and Caleb. Hope Scarlet isn't silly enough to consider taking Dorian back.

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