Book 2 Chapter 14

Caleb’s Point of View

I am not even surprised that I am once again waking up alone. Although my anger has left me the hurt consumes my soul, and I briefly wonder if I even need to get up from the bed today. Laying here is a special kind of torture. I can smell my beautiful mate, and a part of me wants to roll over and hug her pillow to my chest and just deeply inhale. On the other hand, my pride is wounded and now I feel like pushing her away. Perhaps if I treated her the way she had treated me these past few weeks she would understand better the torture she has put me through. There is that wonderful voice of self-doubt that creeps in asking would she even care.

Allowing myself a few moments to continue to wallow in my own depression, I finally resolve myself to climb out of bed. Hoping that a nice hot shower will help lift the dredges of the soul crushing depression that has seeped deep into me. Climbing into the steaming shower I ponder how I

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I don’t blame Caleb at all...he was hurt and he had every reason to feel how he felt. Imagine giving someone you all and they betray you like that. I believe after this, they will be stronger than before. Love the story.
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Michelle Whitaker
only reason to get your ass handed to you by her older brothers and younger ones too
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Michelle Whitaker
I feel so bad for the both of them but Caleb went to far with his confession I feel .I mean like come on you don't say that kind of shit to a girl who just apologized and is crying and said that she loved you and then u just spat it right back in her face like that come on now down south that is the

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