Book 2 Chapter 30

Caleb’s Point of View

I was slightly nervous about the women going off to the spa for the day. Normally I do not worry about our people being in the human town, but it is not often that there are so many high-ranking women together. The possibilities for being attacked were enormous. I knew that Daphne and the other girls had put a lot of thought and preparation into today, so I kept my mouth shut. Daphne thinks that she only has a few soldiers with her, but I sent a few other warriors into the town earlier in the morning. I figured there was no harm in having a plan B.

“You ready to do this?” I was startled from my thoughts by Theo coming to check on me.

“Yep, I have the new treaties ready to be signed. Gather everyone up and let’s meet in the den area.” I inform him. The den is bigger than my office, but still has everything that we could need. It did not take long to get everyone gathered and seated at the

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Michelle Whitaker
Noah is the worst person to lead a pack ... sheesh
goodnovel comment avatar
Your stories are so great! I read until I can not see straight
goodnovel comment avatar
Marie Jen
im very much enjoying this book x

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