Blessed or Cursed?
Blessed or Cursed?
Author: Aleka

Chapter 1

Xander Langbroek


    It is four in the morning and I am, not surprising at all, still working in my office. The rogues at the border gave us hard time lately. We almost lost one of our best warriors yesterday.

    Fuck. The same mistake for the second time. I definitely need more caffeine. Stretching in the large leather chair, I yawned loudly. Time to make some movement, even if it is just to the kitchen and back.

    Walking through the halls, I heard a knock on the front door. Who could it be at this hour? The storm which was raging for three hours already covered any sounds or scents.

    Swiftly opening the door, I stood confused for a split of a second before lowering my gaze.

    There was a little girl, maybe 5 years old. Dressed in a blood-red cape which covered her entirely, leaving open just half of her face. Someone has a sense of humor.

    She was looking up at me with big, fearless eyes. One red, one blue. She obviously wasn’t human, nor was she werewolf, at least not fully. I quickly took the surroundings but saw no one who could possibly bring her here. How could someone trespass the border without us knowing anyway?

    A loud growl erupted from my chest as I shouted in the mind link summoning my beta, Granger.

‘Someone crossed the fucking border and there is a girl on my doorstep!’ I yelled in his head. ‘Take all the warriors you can and find them now!’

‘Yes alpha’
he promptly responded in a croaky voice.

    The kid didn’t move an inch.

“Who brought you here?” I asked, squatting to level up with her.

“Mommy.” Her voice never shaking, though even warriors knees buckled under my gaze.

“Where is she?”

“She should be home by now.” She was brave enough to answer promptly and steady.

“Okay, where do you live?”

“Now I’ll live here.”


Before I could ask it aloud she got out an envelope from her gray dress and handed it to me. It had my name on it in the finest calligraphy.

I opened it with a claw. Smirking. But when I read it-

'Hello there, mate'. My heart sank at the words. Tears instantly forming in my eyes. Old wounds that never really healed started bleeding anew.

I rushed out of the house, roaring her name:


Earth shattered under the power in my voice, it covered even the thunders. Waking the entire pack. Making them dash from their homes to find out the cause of my rage.


They shifted under my order, following different paths to cover the ground. Shifting, I ran for my life.

Girl POV

    Mom’s name still rings in my head. He almost created an earthquake. He transformed into a big, black wolf, but he won’t catch her. No-no. Because I shacked my head the cap fell off my head. I heard footsteps and turned around.

“Oh, moon goddess! Who are you sweetheart?” the old female asked in a kind voice, running to me.

“What happened?” two younglings asked together before I could respond.

I did as mommy told me, just picked up the letter from the floor and gave it to the old female. But when she read it, she fell on her knees and cried.

Xander POV

    All night of search and nothing! Not a footprint or mark! Not even the slightest scent! It seemed like the earth swallowed her. Again. A painful howl erupted from my wolf’s chest. Soon accompanied by my pack. Once again they lost their Luna.

    I was out of breath upon entering the house. Tired to my limits I dragged myself to the stairs but stopped abruptly when I heard an unknown giggle. The girl. Fuck, I forgot about her completely. I darted to the source of the sound and it led me into the kitchen where I found her eating waffles with chocolate while my boys showed her tricks.

    She must sense me because she turned around and looked at me. I immediately spotted her long pointed ears. Her eyes examining me from head to toe. She seemed satisfied, nodding for herself.

“He is my father,” she said as the matter of fact, raising one shoulder. I on the other hand felt the ground slipping from under my feet.

Mrs. Mauve approached me and led me to a chair, as I couldn’t move.

“You should read this.” The girl exclaimed, taking a piece of paper and pushing it in my direction. The letter.

“Read.” She ordered me.

I conformed. And my soul shattered more.

   'Hello there, mate. It’s been a long time. I am running out of time so I’ll go straight to the point.

    The girl, is our daughter, Kamyuria. I desperately needed a place to hide her. And by your side, she must be safe. My family is searching for her. Don’t let them take her away.

    I still hope we’ll meet one day.

    I love you. Loretta.'

    Tears were marking the paper. I glanced at the little bundle of troubles in front of me.

    She was a perfect copy of Loretta. How I didn’t notice earlier? Long, wavy hair, flowing from dark grey at the roots to silver and white at her waist. Porcelain, slightly sparkling skin. Big eyes that inherited both mine and Loretta’s colors. She was perfect.

    I kneeled in front of her chair and crushed her tiny body to my chest in an embrace.

    Then I felt her small hands holding onto me, and the tension disappeared. My magical, priceless treasure.

“It’s okay daddy. Don’t be sad.”

Oh, moon goddess! Don’t let it be a joke of my tired mind, please…

I managed a small smile for her, but she didn’t buy it. Arching an eyebrow just like her mother used to do.

“Alpha?” Granger asked softly from the doorway.


However, any hope disappeared at his unsteady voice.

“We couldn’t find anything. She just vanished.”

“Mommy? She went through the portal. She needed to go back. There were troubles at home.” The little angel talked as if it was something perfectly normal.

“Honey, you know how to find her,” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, but I can’t do it. She says I am too young to learn such difficult magic.” She said as if offended. I chuckled at her reaction.

“Now, mommy is right, but you’ll grow up soon.”, “Come on, you must be tired.” I got up with her in my hands.

    When we reached her provisory room, Kamyuria was already soundly asleep. I laid her on the bed brushing the silver hair aside. I loved her so much, and it wasn’t half of an hour yet.

    I couldn’t wish for this to happen.

    Downstairs, I was already awaited by my family. It consisted of my two sons. Granger, his wife – Anette. My gamma Chris and delta Luke, they both were now at a neighbor pack. And Mrs. Mauve, my housekeeper. But she was more like a mother to us.

“So, I assume we now have a little sister,” Damien spoke first. He and Dmitrii were 9, twins, and resembled me totally. Same golden, wavy hair. And, dark blue eyes which were gazing at me full of reproach.

    I let out a heavy sigh and sat in a chair. The packhouse was a huge log-building. The smell of wood and warm colors always helped me to relax. In a few minutes, it’ll fill with wolves rushing for their duties.

“It seems you have,” I replied in a tired voice.

“And she is a hybrid.” Stated Granger.

“Well, obviously.”

“I read the letter. She will cause trouble.”

“She is my daughter! Pick carefully your words!” He raised both hands in surrender.

“Calm down man. I wanted to add more patrols on the borders, and maybe some guards to your part of the house.”

“Yeah. That is a good idea. Thanks.” I rubbed my face.

“Xand, you need some sleep. Go rest.”

“I can’t right now. There is work to do.”

“The world won’t ruin in a few hours, but if that happens I’ll wake you.”

“Grange, you must initiate a stand-up group. Your sense of humor is priceless.” I mocked him.

“I save myself for you, Alpha.” He chuckled.

“What now?” There was so much to think about. I didn’t know where to start.

“Well, I’ll prepare a room for our girl.” Mrs. Mauve announced, smiling warmly and leaving.

“She will need clothes, books, toys, and so on.” Anette counted. Extending her hand for my card. I rolled my eyes. But before giving it to her:

“Don’t. Transform. My. Daughter. Into. A. Pinky. Pie.”


“I think you should go shopping with Kamyuria by yourself Xand,” Grange told grabbing the card from his wife and returning it to me.

“Hey-“ she pouted.

“Hun. Think about it. It’s a great way for them to grow closer.”

“Man, I don’t know anything about shopping. Moreover with a little girl.”

“I’ll come with you!” Anette’s voice almost deafened us. “And I’ll take Erica with us, maybe they’ll get along.” She stated proud of herself. Erica was her daughter, a spoiled little monster if you ask me.

“Fine that goes with me.” I agreed. “Don’t worry Grange, you’ll come too” his grin instantly fell. “Now, I need to talk to my boys.” They both stiffened, as we were left alone in the room. I thought for a while, picking the words.

“I love you. Both. And now there is a little princess who needs us. I can’t tell you why this all happen, why Loretta isn’t here. I don’t understand everything as well. But upstairs is your little sister who needs a family.”

“She’ll have some trouble on the way,” Dmitrii mumbled.

“That’s why the moon goddess chose to give her two big brothers to defend her and teach her.”

Their chests puff up with pride. As all pups in their age want to be the big wolves.

“Can I count on you?”

“Yes, alpha.” They answered in unison as usual.

“Good. Now go prepare for school.”

“Seriously?” Damien whined.

“We just got a sister and you send us to school?”

I smirked at that.

“Okay, but only this time.” I agreed.

“One more thing-“ Dmitrii continued, “can we go to the mall with you?”

“Fine.” I sigh. “Now go, and don’t come back with troubles on your asses.”

They grinned from ear to ear rushing out.

    Eventually, I took Granger’s advice and went upstairs. The part of the house where I lived with my boys was the first built. It had three levels. The first one consisted of a kitchen, living, and two guest-rooms. On the second was my office from where I could access directly my room above it and a huge library. The third was for family, with 4 rooms.

    Mrs. Mauve lived also in this part of the house but at the first level.

    All levels were connected through halls to the new part of the building, leading to main stairs which parted three ways. Our, to the dorms, and the working area with kitchen, ballroom, conference room, living, lounge, and so on.

    My father built it. He thought the idea of the packhouse was a progressive one. I can say he was right.

    When I reached my room, I opened the door carefully to not disturb the small angel. I lay on the bed beside her, holding a small hand to assure myself that it wasn’t a dream. Protection Status