“Haven?” Olivia called.

“I’m fine, Oly. Don’t worry. Just drop me to my home,” Haven replied and leaned onto the car window.

Now they were in their car, going back home. After the revelation from Ashley, Haven was dumbstruck. She couldn’t process what she had just heard. Even Olivia was left speechless. Neither of them thought James would even say that about Haven to anybody.

Olivia felt extremely bad for Haven for going through all of this shit. She had nothing to make Haven feel better. Getting over a breakup isn’t an easy task. Especially with Haven’s sincerity, loyalty, love, and affection she had for James, it’s getting harder to get over.

Olivia was aware Haven had to be left alone. She needed some space. At the same time, she was also worried about what might happen to her friend. It’s not like Haven would commit suicide. But still, that’s a possibility she couldn’t ignore.

Haven just sat there, in complete silence. Ashley’s words rang in her head in a loop. That was disturbing her in an unimaginable way. She didn’t know if she should be crying at this moment. She didn’t know what she should be doing now. Suddenly, she starts wondering what other people might have done in this situation of hers.

Olivia dropped Haven off to her home and saw her friend walk inside her house, looking lifeless. She informs Mrs. Morgan about Haven’s extended situation of her breakup and tells her to ring her up anytime she finds Haven in trouble.

Strangely, Haven refused to cry this time. She was more devastated and heartbroken.

She quietly changed her clothes and got herself a drink from the refrigerator and settled on the couch, switching on the TV. The numerous original series of Netflix made appearances on the screen. She was a huge fan of Money Heist and diligently watched the show without skipping any season.

Along the many shows, one series' name grabbed her attention. Dominatrix. Haven was aware of the BDSM lifestyle but never once did she try it and even thought of possible trial in the future.

But this time, she didn’t have to think twice about it. The announcer on the screen spoke about her experience in the BDSM world.

Haven didn’t have to ask permission from anyone. She was a free agent now. She could do anything she wishes and desires to. On top of that, her boyf--- ex-boyfriend had just admitted to his current girlfriend about Haven's skills in bed. Which was on the top of the reasons she wanted to try it now.

She immediately grabs her laptop and Google BDSM. Lookup for BDSM stuff. One website she came across was kinky. She opened the website. The options on the toolbar were fascinating to her. She clicked on the kink test option.

A new tab opened in her browser.

Discover your true self

Haven immediately logged in her gender and age, which took her to the actual kink test page.

1.      Do you have a normal taste in sex? She chose the percentage.

2.      Do you enjoy teasing, testing limits, and pushing boundaries? She chose the percentage.

3.      Do you play the controlling one or the controlled one? She chose the answer.

This went on for a while and Haven waited for her result, biting her nails. One could tell she was almost as nervous as she was when she looked forward to her exam results.


Vanilla: 90%

Submissive/Slave: 100%

Brat: 56%.... So… on…

Congratulations!!! You are a natural submissive.

A result she didn’t want to see had appeared on the screen. She suddenly starts detesting herself for taking this test. It made her even more depressive. She thought, even if she was a submissive, why didn’t James take control over her body and made it entertaining to both of them.

Haven shuts her laptop and switches off the TV and goes to bed. She didn’t want to think about anything now. She craved silence in her mind as well. If only she could control things!!

The next day morning, Haven had to go to the office today. She had no excuses to give. Her presumed vacation had to end and she was expected at the office.

As soon as she entered the building, there were eyes on her. Some happy to have her back at work. Some jealous of her beauty. Some just simply don’t like her. There exist some people, who don’t like some people for no reason.

“Hey, Haven,” greeted Vincent, her colleague. He is just a colleague but pretends like he is more than that to everyone in the office.

“Hey,” Haven walked away quickly without sparing a second to talk to him further. She knew if she spends more than a second with him, it would be extended for an hour. She wasn’t ready for that. Not today at least.

She greeted everyone who walked her way and finally she reached her work desk. Olivia raised her hand from the corner, saying hi to Haven. Haven waved back and got to work.

Just because she came to the office and greeted everyone nicely doesn’t mean she had a clear head. There was James, Ashley, her breakup, James’ claims about her performance in bed, and the damn kink test she took last night.

Haven tried her best to concentrate on her work. Her day just had to get worse when the female protagonist got dumped by her boyfriend, in the draft she was reading.

Haven slammed her hand on her desk, which caught everyone’s attention. The floor manager who was walking around looked at Haven and said, “Take it easy, Sweet Haven.” He gave her a smile which she returned, unwillingly.

Haven's eyes darted from the computer screen to her phone and back and forth.

Haven left a sigh and pulled her hair out of the clip which had held it tightly and threw it on the desk.

She grabs her phone and Google the popular BDSM club in the city.

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