Chapter 17: II

   *   *

The next day, which was the stipulated day of the meet, Jo called her mother.

“Jo, how are you?” Ruth asked when she answered.

“I'm okay, mum.”

“Are you sure? I'm so worried about you. The life of a fugitive is not for a young woman such as you.” Ruth said worriedly.

Jo rushed to comfort her mother, “Don't worry mum, it'll be over soon.”

Her news was received by Ruth with a spell of silence. Jo wondered if her mother was still on the line.

“Hello, mum. Did you hear what I just said?” Jo asked.

“Yes. I did. What do you mean it'll all be over soon? What are you planning to do?” Ruth asked curiously.

“I'm planning to present the cops with evidence of my innocence.” Jo said, not bothering with the details.

“How are you going to do that?” Ruth asked.

Jo pinched the bridge of her nose. Her mothe

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