Chapter 22

Ash and Pascal sat at their favorite table in Jacob's diner as they waited for their orders to arrive.

It had been Pascal's idea to come to Jacob's because Ash had been melancholy ever since he returned to Ganghaven. In fact, Pascal didn't understand what was going on between Ash and Jo.

Last he heard, Jo was so in love with Ash, she'd taken a bullet for him. Ash had also been head over heels in love with her. He was sure the lovebirds still loved each other, so why were they even apart.

I may never get to understand love, he thought.

He looked at Ash who was caught up in some memory of some thought.

“Yo, what are you thinking of, man?” Pascal asked, trying to distract Ash from his bad mood.

“You know, I first met Jo here.” Ash said with a sad smile, “She was sitting at our table with her friends.”

Pascal groaned inwardly. While trying to get Ash to quit thinking of Jo, he'd only compounded the prob

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