Renee was stunned. Her twenty-fifth birthday is coming. Why did Sean know the details of her birthday? Renee was interested, but she would satisfy Sean if she followed Sean to talk to him. Maybe that was Sean's goal, so that she wouldn't get in the rain and follow him.

“Later I will catch up with you when I'm satisfied here.”

Flames burned in Sean's eyes and it was clear that the man was trying to hold back. “Whatever, later meet me in my study,” his voice was more like a growl, then turned back angrily.


After enjoying the rain, Renee went into her room to change clothes and have dinner. She didn't meet Sean on purpose, after all, it seemed that the man was just talking randomly when he said he wanted to talk about her birthday. Renee wasn't sure that Sean would be waiting for her. The man seemed very busy and had a lot to do.

“Why don't you meet me in my study?” the voice in the darkness startled R

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