Chapter 10: The Earl and the Feledencian Woman

“Have a sip from my very own handmade aged wine fermented under the cool temperature of the lake in Winstow, my lord,” one of the muses offered to Lord Syford who was busy conversing with another woman on the side in an attempt to steal his attention.

Bending over, she made sure her healthy and firm bosoms do their hypnotizing talents but to no avail. Lord Syford had already mustered the art of resistance long before he started with his unhealthy habits on women. He knew ambitious and wicked women would do such in order to win him over as a man, that’s why his paranoid father included them in his training as future successor to the lordship of the earldom.


“That’s a wonderful offer my lady. But I am afraid wine wouldn’t do any good especially for a man responsible for such soiree at early times like this. I would more joyous to heed at your offer later when the night respite was ‘bout to

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