"You did what?" Cass asks over the phone when the emergency ringtone played and she answers it. "You better explain yourself when I get back."

Amelia stared at Cass with worry. "Did something happened?"

"Charles did happen." Annoyance is evident in Cass's voice. "He did something stupid because it's almost the time of the year. Why the hell does he always do this? Can he just bear with it and walk away?"

"Uhh, do you need help, Cass?" Amelia offers. "You look like you need it."

Cass stared at her first, gears turning inside her head, computing possibilities. "I might do. Let's go while we still have an hour to spare."

Since they are still inside the campus, they need to leave the premises before they can get a ride to where they will go. Cass was about to look for a ride when she saw someone familiar to her.

Her father's servant, Sebastian.

The immortal human.

Sebastian staring at them across the street. The presence he omits is all too familiar to Cass that she will not mistake it for someone else. Even if he tried to suppress and hide his powers, she can sense him whenever he's near. His powers have uniqueness, making Cass feel the death more than the soul weapon of a certain person she had taught. Like it crawls under your skin creeps its way to your spine, sending shivers, making you paranoid.

And it looks like it's almost game over for her now.

Now that he came, something must have happened, enough for him to seek Cass where she is currently hiding.

It's either he had found her father, or he's in danger from their old enemies.

Cass can only guess for the former, not the latter. She knows that Sebastian is careful enough not to endanger himself. Between the two of them, he might have a streak of recklessness, he has manners to not create mess or trouble for anyone. She, on the other hand, prefers a silent and peaceful way to fight and defend.

"Cass, where are you looking?" Amelia tapped Cass's shoulder.

Cass glanced at Amelia and look back at where Sebastian was standing. But he already left. She frowns. Was it just an imagination, or, indeed, Sebastian is there a while ago, watching her from a distance?

"No. I just thought of something." Cass said.

"Are you sure? You look like you saw something." Amelia asked.

"It's just a hallucination, I guess. I don't think that the person I'm thinking about is here." Cass replied when a taxi stopped at them.

Cass had made sure that no one will find her, even Sebastian.

But he still finds her, so her only conclusion is: He's watching over her every time she moves from one place to another while pretending as human also.

But there's also a possibility that it was just her imagination after all that person is prideful than her. He prefers to die alone than seeking help for his sake.

And that is his human side. Being human before having immortality.

But that image didn't leave her mind until they reached the police station. Amelia is surprised to find out that they are heading to the police station. Cass barged to the desk office with all seriousness and annoyance. "Where is that idiot?"

The desk officer was so surprised at Cass' entrance that he only managed to point where Charles was detained. She nodded in thanks and opened the door where Charles is sitting calmly. Too calm that it screams danger to whoever tries to push his buttons, ensuring that something bad will happen.

"What in seven seas did you do this time? Is my training not enough for you?" Cass said right away, interrupting the police officer who's asking Charles.

"Uhm, Miss, can you go out first? We need to ask him why he did it." The police said. And with Cass barging in like that, there would be no progress.

"He won't talk to any of you since he's in a bad mood and someone triggered him, I will bail him out. Pretend it didn't happen." Cass said.

The police officer hesitated. "We can't just--"

A knock from the door interrupted them and a woman in a police uniform came in. "Sir, the Chief says that you can release the detainee. Miss Cassielle, the Chief wants to talk to you before you leave."

Cass turned towards Amelia. "Can you accompany him for a bit? This would be a short meeting."

"This way, please. The chief is expecting you." The woman steered her to another door, where an office for higher-ups is.

As soon as she entered the room, the scent of citrus hit her senses, reminding her of a certain person she helped a few decades back. "It's been a long time Lady Cass. I've been searching for you ever since the day you helped my family."

A man with few grey hairs but with a serene smile. The face of a young child that Cass helped before is now successful police. "Hello, Andrew. You have grown into a fine young man, it seems."

"Lady Cass, how are you and your friends? Sir Charles was detained here, so I also took the chance to see you guys again." Andrew welcomed her too warmly which is unbelievable to the policewoman's eyes. He dismissed the policewoman to have a private talk with Cass.

"Well, your Uncle Charles is being grumpy again, you know?" Cass sits on the sofa and stares at Andrew. "It's his time of the year. And I'm busy so I don't know what's happening while I'm out."

"Lady Cass, have you found your father already?" Andrew asked. 

Cass chuckles. "You believe in it? I thought you think it's just a bedtime story for you. And you still remember it?"

"Lady Cass, you know that I can discern truth from lies. And when you said your father is missing, I know that you are not lying to me."

"Well, I assume that he had found me. Since I think I saw someone today before I came here," She stand up. "And I fear we can no longer stay here."

"Do you need help?"

Cass shakes her head. "Seeing you well and successful is fine for me. After all, I never got a chance to see the others before we left too."

"Take care, Lady Cass, I hope to see you again soon," Andrew said as she walk towards the door. A ghost of a smile is seen on her face as she left the room.

When she returned to the detention room, Daniel was already joining the pair who looked like they had a heated argument.

"Ames, thanks for watching over this idiot. He will send you back to school today. Please tell our professor that I have an important matter to attend so I won't return to school." Cass said as she glares at Charles who was about to complain.

"Are you sure?" Daniel asks. "Charlie is a bit grumpy today."

"All more compatible to do what I asked," Cass concluded. "Danny, we need to go back to the unit. If I'm right, he's there."

"Who's there? An enemy? Shiro can deal with the intruder, right?"

"If it's on a higher caliber than his', he can't."

"Well, I think we need to rush back then?" Daniel decided. "Let me get the car."

"Charles send her back to school. To. School." Cass ordered the last time and left the room.

Daniel rushes the car back to their place and sees that the house is indeed unlocked, like what Cass said earlier. He almost jumps out of the car and rushes to see who dares to intrude when Cass stops him. "He won't do anything bad, trust me."

Sure enough, as soon as they enter, a black-haired guy was sitting in the sitting room. He's wearing a black suit, and a ribbon replaced the tie at his neck.


And he's sitting like a king at a one-seater chair, expecting their arrival.

"Hello, Cassielle. It's been a while." He greeted me.

"So it was you," Cass said casually while her dog walks towards her.

"You won't greet me? That hurts, you know." Sebastian puts his hand over his chest like he was struck by an arrow.

"It's about dad, right?" The dog already saw him but he ignored him. Typical dog.

"That dog has some attitude. He follows you." He commented.

"Just get to the point. Don't waste time." Cass looks at him, crossing her arms around her chest.

"For someone immortal, you're talking about time. Sounds ridiculous." He said sarcastically.

Cass huffs. If it's about sarcasm, she never loses.

"You still haven't changed all these centuries. For someone who befriended a human, that's a bit mysterious, I say. And yes it's all about the master. He just woke up."

"And?" Cass said, not throwing a glance.

"Cass." A new voice boomed.

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