Chapter 34


"Honestly, I'm bothered. Can I see you?"

I chuckled at his request. He had just left a few minutes ago, and now he wanted to see me. We were not teens anymore to not be able to contain our excitement. Before I could answer, the door to our lounge opened. The ER nurse then peeped in and smiled as soon as I looked up.

"Dr. Red, you are requested to go to the chairman's office right now."

'What? Why?" I pulled my brows together as I asked her. Ever since I started to serve in this institution, I had never met the chairman. There was the HR Department anyway, and the chief of clinics.

"The executive secretary did not say anything else, doc."

I nodded and stood up to get my white coat inside my room. Our chairman was a doctor, and I heard he didn't want to see us in our casual clothes once we were on the hospital premises. I wondered what he wanted from me.  Though he only had the title of ch

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