Chapter 43


"Miss?" I called her attention again. "Are you the third applicant?"

She narrowed her eyes on me, and a frown spread across her face. She looked at me then back to Sean. I got embarrassed by her dumbness, so I checked to see the profile of the third applicant. However, the applicant's profile displayed a chubby face, but this lady before me had a beautiful, heart-shaped one.

"You are in the wrong office," Sean spoke before I could send her out. "The HR's office is on the left-wing. And you are on the right."

"But I-" she started to protest, but Sean walked towards her and cut her off.

"I'll show you the way," he offered, but the lady did not nod or shook her head. She just stared at him with an upset expression.

Sean walked back to me and smacked a kiss on my lips. "See you at lunchtime, babe."

"Okay," I said, wrapping my hands around his neck. I did not know why but I felt threatened

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