Chapter 53


"Miss," I froze when I saw the person whom Red addressed. "Are you the third applicant?"

Calla frowned after she shifted her gaze between Red and me. I knew she felt bad when she saw Red and me kissing.

"You are in the wrong office," I said, but my heart was already in my throat. This woman was indeed hard to turn down. "The HR office is on the left-wing, and you are in the right."

I stepped back so Red couldn't see my facial expression. I placed Calla temporarily at the hotel while still thinking about the best thing to do. A few days later, I asked Philip to fetch her and bring her to my office. However, instead of bringing her directly there, Philip took her instead to the clinic. I almost choked to death when I saw her. I still didn't get the nerve to tell Red that Rya Sevilla was Calla.

I pretended to show Calla the way to the HR office. I was glad I succeeded, but Calla's face twisted like a

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