Chapter 1562

"Mommy, what are you talking about with Uncle Su?"

Just as Mrs. Gu was about to say that Gu Xiaoxiao was not their daughter, Gu Xiaoxiao suddenly appeared at the kitchen door and interrupted them.

"Xiaoxiao? Why are you here?"

"I'll come down and get a glass of water." Gu Xiaoxiao shook the glass in her hand.

She did come down to fetch some water.

However, when she went downstairs, she saw that Su Zhenxing had been looking in the direction of the kitchen. Then, she got up and walked over.

Then came Mrs. Gu's exclamation and low voice.

Gu Xiaoxiao smelled something unusual, so she walked out of the kitchen quietly.

And she eavesdropped on the conversation between the two.

It turned out that Su Zhenxing was Monique's biological father!

Fortunately, she had mistaken herself for the daughter of him and Mrs. Gu.

Because of the change in Su Zhenxing's attitude toward her, Gu Xiaoxiao could see it clearly.

That was why she suddenly appeared when Mrs. Gu almost told the truth and i
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