Chapter 1575

"That's right. I didn't find Gu Xiaoxiao so shameless before."

Monique stopped at the door of the tea room and did not enter.

They were the only few mean women there. They completely forgot how they used to follow Gu Xiaoxiao and flatter her.

Monique didn't want to see the shameless faces of these people, so she wanted to come back later.

However, the conversation inside made her stop.

"Hey, do you know? I heard that Gu Xiaoxiao is Mr. Su's adopted daughter, so she came to negotiate on behalf of Su Group."

"Ah? Step-father, could it be that kind of relationship?"

Hearing the relationship between Gu Xiaoxiao and Su Zhenxing, the people in the tea room immediately began to gossip excitedly.

"Oh, it's not what you think. I have a friend working in Su Group. I heard that Mr. Su really dotes on Gu Xiaoxiao as his daughter. When she got married, he sent a lot of famous paintings and collections. This time, I heard that she was involved in the case becasue she was found boring and did
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