Chapter 1610

When Xiao Fan and Chen Juan saw Lin Jiamei fall down.

They wanted to help her.

But when they saw Henry was coming in, they all lay on their desks and didn't dare to come out.

They didn't come to comfort Lin Jiamei until Henry took away Monique.

Mrs. Ling, Chairman Moore is going to sell his shares. He must be short of money. They must be blackmailing you. You don't have to pay attention to them. You don't have to give them to them. Let's see what they can do to you.

Xiao Fan comforted Lin Jiamei, but he was glad in her heart.

She was not the one who had caused trouble for Monique.

She knew that Monique was lucky.

Every time, someone would stand up to help her.

She had just been pushed.

Even the president, who had retired, could suddenly appear.

"What good luck!"

"Who is Lin Jiamei?"

After exchanging a few words with Chen Juan, Manager He of the personnel department came up.

"Yes, I am."

Lin Jiamei knew Manager. She did not know why he was looking for her.

"This is a res
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