Chapter 1638

Henry had been in the hospital for nearly twenty days.

Monique insisted that Henry would be discharged when he had completely recovered.

During this period, Henry requested to hold a new board meeting.

Monique represented him, and he participated in the remote computer video call.

Seeing Henry wake up, there was no doubt about the result of this board meeting.

Henry would return to his seat as president.

As for Moore Yunting, he was imprisoned in prison.

He had been waiting for the opportunity to get the bail.

"Honey, I'll ask the driver to send you home first. I'll go to the company and go home right away, okay?"

Henry was discharged from the hospital this afternoon, and Song Xu went to help him with the discharge formalities.

Henry took this opportunity to hold Monique and plead with her.

Although Song Xu would send the company's documents to the ward every day.

The president had not appeared in the company for a long time.

Henry was worried that they would have the feel
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