Chapter 1652

"Louise, Go to work in the Gu family since tomorrow."

Gu Linbei suddenly said on his way home to see Louise off.

"Why? I won't go."

She had a greater chance of meeting Mrs. Gu in the Gu family, so she didn't want to be abused.

"Because you are my assistant. I haven't informed you recently. Are you going to keep your salary and not work?"

In fact, it was because Gu Linbei could not see Louise every day.

From that day on when Louise went to the hospital the next day to get her luggage.

She went home and lived there.

Gu Linbei was in the company during the day, and he couldn't see Louise at home at night.

He could only meet her occasionally in the hospital.

Fortunately, he still wanted to take Louise. How could he carry it out if he couldn't touch her?

"Then... what am I going to do in the Gu family?"

Louise had rested for two months and earned two months' salary for free.

In fact, Louise felt a little guilty.

"Of course, you're still my assistant. You will report to the Gu
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