Chapter 1676

Mrs. Gu walked for a long time before Louise found her voice.

"Well... you and Monique, you are really..."

Because she was too surprised, Louise couldn't even speak.

"That's right, we are half-brothers."

Gu Linbei knew that Louise would definitely ask her.

So she admitted it without hesitation.

"Is Mrs. Gu really the mother of Monique?"

Louise's eyes widened as she recalled Monique's cryptic expression every time she mentioned Mrs. Gu.

Gu Linbei nodded.

"Monique's life is too hard. She has such a mother."

Louise couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

But then she covered her mouth.

Monique's mother was also Gu Linbei's mother.

"I'm not saying that your mother is not good. It's just that your mother is really..."

Louise's words were already very obscure.

Mrs. Gu was not only not good to Monique, she even wished she could die.

Gu Linbei did not speak. He understood what Louise meant.

Even he hated Mrs. Gu's attitude toward Monique.

Not to mention Louise.

Neither of them
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