Chapter 1694

Henry sped all the way and sent Monique to the nearest hospital.

When he carried Monique out of the passenger seat.

The redness in the passenger seat made Henry's eyes darken even more.

"Doctor! Doctor!"

Henry carried Monique all the way to the emergency room.

The impatient male voice broke the silence of the night.

The doctor in the emergency room came out and saw Henry covered in blood.

And Monique in his arms.

He didn't dare to delay for a moment and quickly pushed over an operation car.

"Inform the doctor of obstetrics."

After the emergency doctor told his colleagues, he quickly pushed Monique to the operating room.

Gu Linbei lowered his head and looked at Louise, who was trembling with pain in his arms.

He hesitated for a moment and did not follow.

"Please take a look at her. She's been injured."

Gu Linbei gently put Louise on the bed next to him.

Louise was in so much pain that almost lost her consciousness.

As she was next to the cold obstetrics bed, she gained h
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