Chapter 1706

In the hospital.

Henry stayed by the bedside of Monique all night, refusing to leave for a moment.

Early the next morning, Monique opened her eyes weakly.

She saw Henry lying on the side of the bed with a blue face.

Monique remembered that she had rolled down the stairs under the protection of Louise yesterday.

Then she was sent to the hospital.

In a coma, she vaguely heard the doctor say "Give up the child and save the mother."

Monique touched her belly in horror.

Her stomach was flat!!!

“Where's the child?!”

“Is my child gone?”

Monique burst into tears in an instant.

Henry had been holding Monique's hand.

Monique suddenly took her hand away, and Henry suddenly woke up.

He looked up at Monique.

Then he saw Monique looking at the ceiling with empty eyes.

Tears kept flowing from her eyes.

"Monique, Monique! What's wrong with you? Is there any pain?”

“Or do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“Don't cry. Speak!”

"Monique, what happened to you? Don't scare me."

Henry ha
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