Chapter 1732

"Your Chairman Moore, there is another force secretly pushing this matter. Otherwise, it wouldn't have developed so quickly."

Song Xu had been so busy these two days.

Just after Gu Xiaoxiao's matter was dealt with, Monique's family background was exposed again.

Henry also noticed the problem.

There was no reason why the news that all the people wanted to cover up would spread at such a speed.

"Since it can't be eliminated, just let other things cover up this matter."

"Okay, Chairman Moore."

Song Xu immediately understood and was ready to leave after receiving the order.

"Wait, let's go and get Madam discharged from the hospital first."

These reporters were afraid of the power of Marriott International, so they didn't dare to harass Monique.

But downstairs, there had always been paparazzi lingering in the hospital who refused to leave.

In order to prevent paparazzi from harassing Monique when he was away.

Henry was about to bring Monique back to the Moore Manor.


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