Chapter 1752


Su Zhenxing took Monique's hand and walked onto the stage.

He cleared his throat in front of the microphone.

Everyone in the banquet turned to look at Su Zhenxing and the others when they heard the sound.

"Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend Frank's one-year old feast."

As soon as Su Zhenxing came up, he first expressed his gratitude.

However, the audience was stunned.

What did the child of Chairman Moore have to do with him?

However, everyone here calmed down and waited for Su Zhenxing's next words.

"By taking advantage of today's good day, I, Su, also have a piece of news to tell everyone."

Su Zhenxing looked at Monique beside him, his eyes full of smiles.

Monique also gave Su Zhenxing a slight smile.

She could feel Su Zhenxing's nervousness.

Su Zhenxing's hand was covered in sweat.

"Monique, the wife of the president of Marriott International, is my daughter."

Everyone was stunned at first, then clapped their hands and congratulated
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