Chapter 1756

Louise and the others were having dinner in the private room upstairs.

Gu Linbei was also called to the private room on the first floor by Su Zhenxing.

When Gu Linbei went in, he found that Su Chen was also there.

"Linbei, come and sit down." Looking at the tall and handsome Gu Linbei, Su Zhenxing still couldn't accept his eldest son who suddenly appeared.

Su Zhenxing never thought that Mrs. Gu would marry Gu Linbei into the Gu family.

Gu Linbei did not speak, but still walked to the sofa pointed at by Su Zhenxing and sat down.

"Linbei, I always thought that Monique was my only daughter. Your mother... I really don't know about you.

"What's more, the news about you and the Gu family had long spread. In order not to let the matter continue to brew, I really can't reconcile with you at this time."

It wasn't that Su Zhenxing didn't want to accept Gu Linbei, but that the matter was already very popular at that time.

He couldn't add fuel to the fire at this time. It would be of no
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