Chapter 1776

"What do you want to do, Monique?"

After Monique told Henry her thoughts, Henry first asked for Monique's opinion.

"I've been focusing on management for the past two years. It’s about company operation and management. But I really don't have any idea about starting a business."

In the past two years, Monique had devoted herself to study, so there was still a certain lag in the direction of development.

Moreover, she lacked the sensitivity like Henry to find business opportunities.

That was why she came to ask Henry.

"Since you don't have any ideas, I suggest you consider the direction of the new media."

Henry also held a video conference after returning home.

He said to Monique while sorting out the meeting information.

"New media?" Monique frowned slightly. It was true that the short video show was very popular now.

However, she was really not very good at it.

Henry seemed to have seen through the dilemma of Monique.

After putting away the documents, he walked up to Moniqu
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