Chapter 1807

Hearing what Louise said, Monique didn't ask any more questions.

"What about... Mrs. Gu?" Gu Linbei said that Mrs. Gu would come back with them.

She didn't know why she didn't see her.

"Auntie is afraid that you will be unhappy to see her, so she left first. Also, Auntie has left the Gu family. You'd better not call her Mrs. Gu anymore."

Louise said that on purpose.

In Europe, Mrs. Gu knew that Louise often contacted Monique.

Therefore, she often asked Louise about the recent situation of Monique and the two children.

It could be seen that Mrs. Gu was still very concerned about Monique.

Louise did not want to ease the relationship between Monique and Mrs. Gu because of Gu Linbei.

However, she could see that Monique still had feelings for Mrs. Gu.

Every time she contacted herself, she would ask about Mrs. Gu's recent situation intentionally or unintentionally.

Louise only wanted to see if Monique would call her mother if she didn't call her Mrs. Gu.

"... Well, let's go out n
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