Chapter 1809

"What?" Gu Linbei's words made Monique confused for a while.

Was it that Gu Linbei didn't want to marry her, but that Louise didn't want to marry him.


Monique looked at Louise and asked for the reason.

"Gu Linbei had been with me for two years. I haven't been home for a long time.

My parents were not satisfied with Gu Linbei taking me away. If I didn't tell them, they would start preparing for the wedding.

I'm afraid my mom can beat me to death."

Monique could understand the older generation's minds.

Louise had been away for such a long time, which was no different from eloped.

Besides, the parents of Louise had been staying in those conservative places all the time.

She had thought that Gu Linbei must have been a playboy since he had been a star.

It would be strange if she agreed to give her daughter to him.

Moreover, according to Louise's intentions, it was obvious that he wanted Gu Linbei to get her parents' approval before he was willing to marry her.

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