Chapter 1855

The gossip of rich and powerful families could never be hidden.

They had heard rumors about the disagreement between Zoila and Monique over the years.

It started probably since Henry's marriage.

Many people speculated that it had something to do with Monique.

Therefore, everyone could imagine the relationship between Zoila and Monique.

They looked at Zoila and then at Monique.

No matter how they thought, they felt that Monique should be the one suffering.

But now Monique's expression was subtle. For a moment, they couldn't tell whether what Zoila said was true or not.

“Zoila, please don't talk nonsense.”

Henry had been paying close attention to her grandmother's situation, so he didn't find Monique at the top of the stairs.

Hearing Zoila's words, Henry's eyes instantly froze.

Monique was not such a person!

Even if she hated Zoila, Monique would never do such a thing.

"Henry, look at my arms and legs! Will I fall like this on purpose just to frame her?

"If it weren't for h
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