Chapter 1866

This time, Young Master Ling came back with Mr. Ling and Gu Xiaoxiao's child.

It could be seen that Young Master Ling had brought the child well.

Compared to Frank's chubby body, this child was thinner but not weaker.

He looked like a little adult wearing a small suit.

He was likable.

After all, he had fed the child for a few days.

Monique was naturally very happy to see him again.

If her grandmother was still here, she would be happy to see such a delicate little boy.

As Monique thought about this, she looked at the ice coffin with a pair of red eyes.

Today was the day her grandmother was cremated and buried.

As the thought that Monique would never see her again, she kept crying.

Because the little joy of seeing the little fellow also disappeared.

Monique told Mrs. Lee to take good care of the children, and she went to her grandmother's coffin to guard.

Zoila's face was haggard, and she looked a little anxious.

The guests who came for condolence thought that she was said
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